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We at GoToWorkspace.com know that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust and want you to feel confident in our services and security as it relates to your Personal and/or business information . This notice describes our privacy policy. The following discloses our information gathering its use practices. GoToWorkspace.com reserves all rights to update the privacy policy at any time.
Information we collect:
GoToWorkspace.com is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We offer a 100% privacy policy in which none of our customers information will ever be sold or shared with any 3rd party. The privacy policy covers any information that you provide about yourself along with any information provided about users. GoToWorkspace.com will allow an individual to act anonymously only where it is lawful and practicable to do so.
For the purposes of this document the customer is defined as a person that directly enters into a contract with GoToWorkspace.com for the delivery of all items listed in the website to a user who is nominated by the customer. The customer may be an individual, a corporate or a non-corporate entity. A customer can be a user also.
What type of personal and/or business information is gathered by GoToWorkspace.com?
GoToWorkspace.com will lawfully collect and store personal/business information from a customer that is necessary to offer the services at GoToWorkspace.com in a way that the customer would expect. Personal information including name, address, contact information and  Business information including tax related business information. e-mail address are collected when customer registers at GoToWorkspace.com. Credit card details will be collected when a customer places an order and confirms the order.
How will this information be used?
Personal and/or business information collected from the customer by GoToWorkspace.com will be used only to enable customers use services offered at GotoWorkspace.com. Contact details may be used to provide feedback to the customer and/or for the clarification of questions or support needed.

GoToWorkspace.com uses 1024 bit industry standard SSL certificate to encrypt all confidential information sent by its users. GoToWorkspace.com uses industry leading COMODO SSL which has following features:

* Fully validated, High Assurance
* 1024 bit industry standard SSL Certificate
* Trusted by all popular browsers
* All popular browser coverage
* $100,000 warranty
* 128/256 bit encryption
At GoToWorkspace.com we take your financial informatoin very seriously, that is why we use Paypal payment services. 
* GoToWorkspace.com is the sole owner and does not share/sell/disclose Customer information.
GoToWorkspace.com Newsletter Privacy Policy
*As a customer you will be able to subscribe or unsubscribe from GoToWorkspace.com newsletter anytime.
*Your email is not shared/sold to any 3rd party. GoToWorkspace.com is the only sole owner of the customer emails.  
*We want to assure customers that registering at GoToWorkspace.com will not lead to spam mails in their inbox.  If you subscribed to GoToWorkspace.com newsletter, you will only receive GoToWorkspace.com promotions and discount coupons in the email.
*We strongly encourage customers to subscribe to newsletters to check the benefits. Customers can cancel the subscription anytime. This is the GoToWorkspace.com Privacy Policy as of the date you placed an order with GoToWorkspace.com. GoToWorkspace.com reserves the right to make changes to this Policy at any time without notice.

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